Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 314

Where's Jack? Silly kitty.

Day 313

Can't you just see him saying "I know I'm not supposed to be on the couch but it doesn't matter as I could KILL you easily while you sleep!"

Day 312

Nick goofing around w/his Halloween candy. Does he LOOK like Edw Cullen???

Where'd my "promises promises" post go???

Argh!!! This computer is driving me NUTS. I really need to do a restore. I thought I posted a promise to get caught up but my internet locked up & I had to refresh. Guess I lost that post.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 311

Is this the last of the pretty leaves?? Some sort of rose kinda flower that is technically on my neighbors property but since the branches and thorns always attack me when I'm trying to mow, I'm claiming the pretty leaves as MINE!!!

Day 310

Getting to be a little too late in the year for much color on the bluffs. Driving to stamp camp!!! Yea!!

Day 309

Pretty sunset on my drive home....

Day 308

I'm hosting some ATC swaps. Becca decided she wanted to make some ATCs too. Everyone in the swap will get an extra from Becca!

Day 307

Update on the BCA tree. Almost all the leaves are gone. I guess it's next pic will be covered by snow?

Day 306

The moon rising while waiting for Nick to get out of basketball practice. The time change has really messed with my whole schedule!!

Day 305

The leaves that still remain on the tree in the front yard.

Day 304

Jack, watching leaves outside the door.

Day 303

Today was the BCA Varsity v Alumni game. Since this was first year as a Varsity player, it's the first year I went. Most of our varsity players graduated last year (hence, Nick playing varsity, lol). So, we're having a building year. If this game is any indication, this year is going to be HARD. The size difference between the kids that graduated a year or two ago and the currently players is AMAZING!! I hope our boys will have a growth spurt. SOON!!! I have no idea what the final score was 'cause the guys keeping score decided to add about 25 points to the varsity score & they "won" by about 2 points. The funniest thing: Jacob Gray (8th grade) playing against his dad (BCA class of 86!!)

Day 302

How about a little tour of my Halloween House?? Let's start outside: There are lights in the bushes and lights on the dusk to dawn light too but I guess I didn't get pics of those. I also never got around to buying "real" pumpkins this year. But, this is my front door. The ghosts to the left or on the right side of the door and the ghost below is on the left. I LOVE the hanging ghost that's in my tree. I bought him on a whim one year from the garden store at the corner of my neighborhood. The kids have lights in the windows of their rooms. They pretty much NEVER remember to turn them of in the morning so they are on 24/7. LOL

Coming in the front door, these are in my foyer. My MIL got me the witch one year for my birthday. The rusty Halloween sign was a Target clearance!

This shelf is at the top of the stairs. I waited & waited to get the witch. Target had TONS & I knew I could get it for 1/2 off the day after! Into the living room.

The dining room shelf:

These guys are in my kitchen windowsill. The garland I showed a few days ago is above this window. It's been so warm this year that the fan was in the window for most of October.

The doors: Nick's, Becca's and the bathroom (I guess I need to find a spooky for Scott & my room?)

And, finally, the basement:

If I have time before Thanksgiving, I'll take pics of my fall decor then.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 301

This is our candy tub! We don't give out Trick or Treat candy anymore and the kids don't go door to door either. A few years ago, I got sick of the "bussed" in kids that come to our neighborhood. I told the kids that I would give them $$$ to not dress up & we'd buy a "good" candy assortment. It worked. Now, I get all the chocolate I want (Take 5s are only available on holidays now!!) and the kids are happy!!

Day 300

This house is right in our neighborhood. They moved in a few years back & started doing cool things to their yard for the holidays. Makes me smile to drive by it everyday!

Day 299

My kids have always referred to this has as the "pumpkin house". They used to do more and used to always have festivness on the "gates" flanking their driveway. I guess they are getting older and don't do as much anymore :(

Day 298

I'm going to take you on a tour of some of the houses that decorate for Halloween. Some of them, my kids have loved for years. This one is in Roxana. We've been enjoying it since Becca first started at Bethel. They used to do MORE decorating, if you can believe it. Last year, they had a giant spider on the roof. They used to decorate their backyard but since they put up a privacy fence, I don't know if they still do or not. The side yard is decorated too, complete w/a vampire looking dude looking out the side window.

Day 297

Went by my brother's house today. It's still not a house but you can tell at least what the basement's going to be like. It was sooooo nice out there. Started to spit a bit of rain but still a nice day. He's going to love living there I'm sure!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 296

The carpet in Scott's office is wet. It STINKS too!!! No matter what we do, we can't get it dry (probably 'cause it just keeps raining & raining here). We finally decided that we had to pull the carpet up. The carpet came up fine, we put it in the garage to dry (we think we might be able to reuse it once the basement has been fixed. The pad, no such luck. It just came apart in our hands as we tried to pick it up. This is half the room, standing water! Now, we have to hope that it stops raining long enough to let this water dry (we did use a shop-vac & picked up over 5 gal of water!) and then rain again to see where the water is coming from. What a mess!!!

Day 295

Another trip to Target today. Gotta check out what Halloween stuff is left and what new Christmas. Scott threw this spider at me & it stuck to the cart. He's kinda cute in an ugly sort of way (the spider, not Scott). No, I didn't buy him. I don't do "scary" Halloween, mostly "cute" Halloween.

Day 294

The kids went to their pediatrician today for flu shots. Usually, they get the flu mist but they were out of the mist. The kids had to get real "shots"!!! They were not happy. (If you described them as acting like 2yo babies, you wouldn't have been far off!) They tried to convince me that, since they had been so brutalized, I should not make them go back to school. I said no. They said that at the very least, they should get ice cream from Sonic. Well, that means I could get a Diet Coke so, I agreed. Jr. Candy Sundaes for them, Route 44 Diet Coke for me. They went back to school a little happier.

My life is too complicatd

Shouldn't be so complicated that I can't manage to post ONE picture per day. Especially given the amount of time I spend (waste?) on the computer, right?? I have pictures, they have been resized & watermarked and are ready to put on here. I have NO IDEA why I haven't managed to get them here. I will, I PROMISE, get them done this weekend & do better about keeping this updated day to day. My poor craft blog has been TOTALLY ignored for MONTHS. I'm going to a all day C'mas card stamp camp tomorrow so maybe I'll get some of that done!