Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 145

What a Memorial Day! Rain, rain, rain & more rain! No pool, no BBQ, no nothing!! Oh well, I LOVE rain!! And I'm not too fond of BBQ (although it always smells AWESOME when someone else in the neighborhood is doing it!) and I'm so not ready for the pool. Plus, holidays bring out the drinkers & they make me uncomfortable so, I usually stay away anyway. Stayed in & made ATCs, watched the season finale of Criminal Minds (so ICKY & the cliffhanger ending has been so overdone! Of course he's not going to die!) and then watched the Cubs lose. At least the managed to score some runs!!!

I guess the rain made this little guy come out. He was stuck to the sliding glass door and driving Jack NUTS!!! He wandered up & down & across the window, just having a good ole' time. I'm sure he knew that Jack was going crazy trying to get him. And he knew he was safe. Cats are fun (sometimes!) (Again, I apologize for the bad pics. Low light thru glass. I really, really need a class in this camera!)

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