Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 177

LOOK!!! You may never see this again. In case you don't recognize it, it's a MAN, reading the INSTRUCTIONS!!!! My brother came over to fix my ceiling fan. He wasn't 100% sure if he was supposed to take the switch apart or not so he, wait for it, Read the instructions!! (No, you weren't supposed to take it apart) Took about 10 minutes to put the switch in and I really think I could have done it myself. But THANKS, Steve for helping me out!!!

Day 176

No, I'm not about to dump this entire trashcan over while you sit at the computer. I'm a good kitty & would NEVER do anything like that. Just go ahead, turn around, play Farm Town. I'll be real good. Yeah, right!

Day 175

Isn't he oh, so cool??

Day 174

To the pool today. OH SO HOT!!! OH SO BURNED!!! Becca took her friend Crystal with us. You'd think I could have gotten a nice shot of the girls together or of Nick trying to avoid the girls but having no one else to play with or, in retrospect, me putting on MORE sunscreen so I wouldn't be quite so crispy.
But, no. I got a shot of the ladder. With bubbles. I was trying to get some underwater shots of the girls but pretty much just ended up w/Crystal's tush! But, it is kinda cool so, there you go, pic of the day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 173

Mom & Dad went home today. They stayed to go to lunch with Judy & then met w/my uncle afterwards (Uncle Bill had a stroke a couple of years ago. His health waxes and wanes. Every time they come up, they want to make sure the make time to visit with him!)

Since they were gone & not using the downstairs tub, we decided it was time to bathe the cat! We did bathe Mandy about once year. Jack seems to need it more often! He doesn't seem to be as fastidious (boy cat issue??) He was not pleased but he feels so much softer & cleaner now!!! Plus, I'm sure it helped get rid of some of that HOT HOT fur!!

Day 172

Happy Father's Day!!!

We went to Pasta House where they were giving free Spaghetti for all dads! That's Scott's favorite anyway! Wayne & Judy joined us with Mom & Dad. Toasted Ravs, YUM!!!

When we came out from the restaurant, THIS is what the temp was showing!! I HATE SUMMER!!!

After dinner, we went back home & relaxed. Mom & Dad went to Applebees with Wayne & Judy for soup & dessert; Scott & I had popcorn! When Mom & Dad got back, we played more games. It was a fun, relaxing holiday.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 171

Since my parents are here, we moved the cat upstairs (he'd curl up in bed with them, given the chance, and I don't think my allergic mom would appreciate that!) So, his nice comfy bed is right there and where does he sleep??? Doesn't it look like he'd KILL me given half a chance???

Day 170

Today was the day we went back to StL. I HATE the day that vacation ends! At least I will get to sleep in my own bed tonite!! Mom & dad had planned to come up to Stl this weekend too. We didn't drive together (dad drives too slow & Scott too fast) but we kept in touch on the way home.
We stopped at Taco Bell (ick!) and they stopped at Subway. We stopped for gas in Sullivan, they didn't stop until Florissant (we called to tell them gas was nearly $.20 a gallon cheaper in MO). We got home and I decided I was NOT going to cook!! We ordered pizza from Dominos. Dad, Becca & I went to pick it up . As soon as we got in the car, a HUGE rainstorm started!!! Buckets for rain, lightening, hail, the whole ball of wax!! Scary. Can you believe it ended before we got back home with the pizza???
After dinner, we played Oh Pooh Pooh (the original name is NOT family friendly) and Uno with the parents. Fun!

Day 169

Today was the most vacation-y day of the week. Becca spent the night in Bolivar w/Marissa. Nick and I were at the hotel alone most of the day. We walked to Subway for lunch & then to the pool.

Before we went down the pool, Nick said there was lots of "stuff" in the pool. I told him to call down to the front desk & ask if the pool was open (at the time I was not where I could look at the pool & determine what kind of "stuff" he was talking about.) He called & they said it was open. I looked out the window a few minutes later & there was a man in a sport coat & tie skimming the pool!! It had to be in the mid 90s at the time! I guess that Nick's call had gotten management to go look and determine the pool needed to be cleaned. When we got down there, I determined that the pool needed to be SHOCKED. Blucky cloudy water. Nick had fun. I tried to only get into the water when I was too hot to stay OUT of the water.

Later in the afternoon, mom, dad & Becs came back up from Bolivar and we had the BEST dinner at Outback. My steak was perfect (no easy feat given how particular I am about my steak!!), the potato was awesome, the bread & the soda were refilled w/o us having to ask! Mom & dad left after dinner & Scott took the kids & I to Best Buy. He figured they needed a Christmas in June present. Becca got the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy on BluRay & Nick got GH Smash Hits. Scott also bought 2 movies on BD for us; The Siege & Groundhog Day.

Day 168

Today, we drove for a full day in Bolivar. Scott had a full day of audits so we stayed all day at mom's. We went to the Scrapbook store, I mailed swaps off from their PO and we went out to visit my SIL & the kids at their still new house. Can you believe, even tho I had my camera the whole time, I didn't take one pic of the kids??? I did however take pics of the rock out croppings on the road. They looked very cool to me. We have them all the way from StL to Springfield and Bolivar. I'd hate to have been the one that had to break those up for the highway to go thru!!! This is also the reason that there are very few basements in Bolivar. These rocks are under EVERYTHING. Hmmm, tornadoes & no basements. NOT a good thing!

Day 167

Woke up this morning to a phone call from my mother. There were tornado warnings and sirens all around Bolivar & it was heading to Springfield. We got up & put the TV on. Really looked like it might miss us based on the weather maps. We got some HEAVY RAINS but never lost power & never had anything like a tornado or straight line wind. This is the pool & dining room of the hotel as taken from our balcony in the middle of the storm.

Day 166

The drive to Bolivar/Spfld is approximately 4 hours plus potty/gas breaks and food stops. This is the kids in the backseat. I don't know if you can tell from this pic but they both have "iPod ears" which is how we refer to having ear buds in. Nick for his PSP and Becca for her music. If someone asks a kid a question & they don't answer, we'll say "they can't hear you; they've got iPod ears".

Ok, now this more for my journalling so one day, when I finally get around to scrapbooking again, I'll remember the joys of this particular drive down to the Ozarks. Read if you want but it might bore the heck out of you.

Scott didn't have any audits today meaning we didn't have to leave at any certain time. We decided we'd just leave when we were ready. We got up, packed the last minute stuff, loaded up the car. At 10, we were ready to go. Becca & I headed for the car while Scott shut down his computer. I decided I would take the first leg of the trip and I got in & reset the mileage (Scott's company would pay for the miles!) and got ready to go. No Scott & Nick. We waited & waited & waited. No boys. We honked; no boys. Finally they showed up wondering why we were in such a hurry.

We left. We got out of the neighborhood & Scott wondered aloud if we had our new insurance card in the van & started looking. He looked & looked & looked but couldn't find it. I turned around and headed back home. As soon as we got in front of the neighborhood, he found it. Onward!

We passed the Credit Union and Scott remembered we needed cash to pay the kids their allowance. I turned around and we drove thru and got some cash. And we were off. We get a few miles down the road & Nick doesn't have his wallet & Scott is wearing the wrong shoes (he's such a girl!) so, we turn around, go BACK home & get the shoes but can't find the wallet. Finally, we leave the house, for good this time, at 10:45!

We get across the river and onto the highway. It starts raining. And raining! AND RAINING!!! I can't see a THING in front of me! Half the cars don't have their lights on but I don't think it would matter anyway! I get into the far right lane and just try to stay there. We are driving at 35 mph, inching along, trying to keep from hitting other people.

It lets up a bit here & there but of course, by the time we get to our exit, it's coming down in sheets again. I am geographically challenged anyway so I have no idea if I'm going to Tulsa or Tampa (which I think would be neither) and I can't see the sign that Scott insists is there to tell me which was Springfield is. I can't see which lane I need to be in and there is a tractor trailer bearing down on me. I do make it thru the interchange but my stomach is tied in knots and I'm wishing I had let Scott drive.

We stop about 15 miles down the highway for lunch & Scott takes over the driving!! I do agree to drive a little bit later but I told him if ONE rain drop falls, I'm pulling over and letting him drive.

We did find the road to Bolivar is closed for bridge repair (1-888-Ask-MoDOT) so we drive straight to Spfld and check into our hotel. Then, we meet mom & dad at the BESTEST Golden Corral ever (they ALWAYS have Coconut Cream Pie!) and drive to Bolivar to play cards. It was a very long day!

Day 165

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Springfield and Bolivar Missouri. We'll be down there a week & I have to pack all the clothes for me & the kids plus snacks for the road and for the hotel (although, we could just as easily buy snacks when we get there but I digress).

Anyway, we are leaving in like 12 hours and I do have to sleep during some of that time but this is all I have packed. This is my stamps and crafty related stuff, Nick's game systems (yes, plural; he has a game cube w/a built in screen in case the hotel doesn't have adaptors for his Wii, he has his Wii in case there ARE adaptors, he has his PSP and GameBoy, assorted games and controllers for each system and a guitar so he can play Guitar Hero.) and blankets for the car ride 'cause Scott likes to BLAST the A/C. Clothes, toiletries and food apparently aren't that important; These things are!

Day 164

Today was stamp camp. That means I should have a pic of Elsah or the river but, I took a different (and a lot less fun route) to Sue's. But, I did pass by this kinda cool looking birdhouse. I had to stop in the middle of the road to take the pic. But, since it was out in rural Jersey county, it was not a problem.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I hope that TODAY I can finally get some new pics uploaded for you! It's been over a week!!! Yikes! I hate getting that far behind. I think this is the first time all year I've had to promise TWICE!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More pics are coming!

I'm in Springfield, MO right now. Still taking pics but not getting around to uploading them. I PROMISE that I'll get this blog updated soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Going to my mom's in Bolivar tomorrow & will be stuck, er I mean visiting with her all day. Hope to get some computer work done there (if she really has wireless internet.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 163

Kitty with a Death Wish!!
I bought a new fan today, took it out of the box, took the packaging off & set it on the kitchen counter. Mr. Nose into everything had already put his entire body into the bag before I could turn around. Big, dumb, goofy cat!!

Day 162

Sorry, more Jack pics. When you have a crazy cat in the house, what are you supposed to do?? I'm guessing Jack must have wanted a cold drink and thought he could get one out of this (empty) soda box. Silly cat played inside that box for 10 minutes. All you could see was his FAT rear end.

Day 161

This is a close up of the day-lilies my neighbor planted around our mailboxes. I'm not a HUGE day-lily fan (don't dig anything that yellow) but they do brighten the mailboxes up (and hides the giant electrical box thingie behind them). Notice the little ant?? I can't get away from those 6-legged buzzards!!!

Bonus pic of the day! Jack had some friends over this morning. He was going BUGGY trying to get outside and get these little guys. I'm guessing they were eating the strawberry plants on the side of the house. Scott won't so I guess someone has to.

Day 160

This is the mess I'm trying to work in. I really, really, really need to clean it up but, I'm in the middle of 2-3 projects so I want all that stuff out. I try to pick the extraneous stuff up but, sometimes, that doesn't work so well.
But, the disaster that is my space caused real heartache. You can read about it here. The mess WILL get cleaned up this weekend as 1) Nick's having a friend spend the night & they will sleep down here & B) I'm leaving for Spfld, MO on Monday & will have to pack some toys to play with while I'm there. Yea!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 159

Hmmm, the more I look at this, the less like pizza it looks & the more like lasagna. It really is homemade pizza and it really was GOOD!! Now that I have the proper tools (PC stone & roller) I LOVE making home-made pizza.

Edited to add: Scott informed me last night that he's a little tired of pizza. HUH??? I'm starting to think he doesn't know what he's talking about!

Day 158

I'll be the first to admit it; Nick's just plain WEIRD!!! This is him, sitting on his floor w/the comforter over the a/c vent. Why?? Who knows. Clearly not him!! Fruit-ball!

Day 157

Nick's turn to pick dinner. First, he chose Buffalo Wild Wings. He had gone there on Wed night w/a friend, decided he liked it & wanted it for dinner tonite. Then, since Scott was NOT coming with us (he want to play cards w/the folks) he decided to pick a restaurant that Scott doesn't like. So, we ended up a Red Robin. I like their burgers but their fries are a bit flat. The seasoning is TOO much on the fries so I just put a tiny bit on my "plate" (basket, wax paper, whatever) and dip the fry. Yes, since it's MY plate, I double dip when necessary.

Why does the service at RR always seem to suck?!?! Our first trip there, they messed Scott's burger up TWICE & then the waitress complained to us that even tho the kitchen messes the orders up, the waitress always gets shafted for it. This did NOT please Scott & she got shafted on her tip & he refuses to go there anymore. The 2nd time I went (kids & I only), we got HORRIBLE service!! I chalked it up to the waitress assuming that I wasn't going to tip (women tip less than men, usually) so I DIDN'T tip & left a note that the service was bad & that's why no tip. This time, the service was adequate but not stellar. I'm not asking for the moon, just my soda refilled BEFORE I'm sucking ice out of the bottom of my glass and if you advertise bottomless fries, occasionally ASK if we want more! Of my soapbox now!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 156

As my shackie friends know, I'm not a fan of either home-made rice krispie treats or marshmallows for that matter! (Ask Sherri about her chasing me around the camp fire w/a marshmallow on a stick!) But, my family loves them (RKT) and every once in a while, I have to overcome my fear of those freaky, sticky, white cylinders & make the treats!

So, I made them but I didn't cut them; everyone cut whatever size they wanted. this was the last "piece" left in the pan. Scott decided it looked like a toothbrush. I thought it looked like the state of Idaho (ok, maybe not a WHOLE lot like it but, you see where I got it, right?) Scott then offered Oklahoma (much more accurate than Idaho) or the letter P. What do YOU see in your RKT???

Day 155

Facebook. Facebook Farm Town. Oh, how I wish I never knew this existed. Well, not really. I love being on FB, love knowing what my friends are up to. I love having an outlet for my random stupidness. And, there, it is embraced! But, Farm Town. I am TOTALLY addicted to it!! I can't stay away. I have to check my crops several times a day. I have to check my friend's farm (and woe be to those on FB who don't have a FARM, I send them invites!!) Total a waste of time. What EVER am I going to do when I go back to work full-part-time.

Man, I'm getting bad about updating this...

I take the pics but seems my camera is never near the computer to download them & get them on here. We aren't even half-way thru the year yet! I resolve to be better about doing this. Later. I promise I will get you updated today!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 154

My cat is a slug! Our previous cat, Mandy, was very particular about where she would sleep. She had to be up against a wall so no one could come up behind her. Jack is not so particular. Wherever he is, if he gets tired, he "schlumps" (Nick's word for him just plopping down wherever he's at) Today, he was walking across the coffee table in the basement (usually, this is a no-no but, it's become his usual route from the window in front to the sliding glass door in the back). Apparently, the walk was just to much for him & he schlumped right where he was. Silly cat!

Day 153

Another scorcher today! I had no problem getting into the pool today! Even went underwater. Didn't jump into the deep end tho, just walked in. Not quite ready for that shock! The water is still cold but, it was soooo hot out that it didn't take long to get comfortable!

For whatever problems my camera has (or the user??) it takes AWESOME underwater pics!! The problem is I can't wear goggles (they give me a headache) so I can't frame good pics underwater. I basically stick the camera underwater & just keep taking pics, hoping to get a good one. Every once in a while, I get lucky!! Such a cool pic of Nick!

In case someone thinks that either a) Becca never gets in the pool or b) I don't like to take her pic, here she is! She's getting old enough that she doesn't like the cold water (like her mom). She did today & she went underwater but none of those pics turned out. This one did! Just for the record, her brother DID have her permission to dump the bucket of water on her.
Scott even got into the pool today but no decent shots of him. Oh yeah, the kids got ahold of my camera & took a pic of me in a swimsuit. That one will NEVER see the light of day!!!

Day 152

Get ready to be SICK of pool pics! I love to take pics at the pool! I have a waterproof case for my camera and I use it every chance I get!

Today it was hot enough for ME to actually get in the pool. It was cold and I never went underwater. I have no idea how I got this pic but it's dang cool (in my opinion!) Nick, underwater. He may have been blowing bubbles. My new favorite (until tomorrow??)

Day 151

I NEED to go to the Post Office. I have swaps & cards that MUST go out. I don't know why I put off the PO visit for so long! I guess 'cause mailing swaps can get complicated, it usually takes a long time to get thru (especially if you get a employee who just doesn't "get it") and I feel bad taking up that much time when people are waiting. The good news is there is a PO at the Mall (where the library is) and very few people go there. Makes it a bit quicker. The guy there doesn't quite understand it but, maybe he'll pick up on it!