Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 168

Today, we drove for a full day in Bolivar. Scott had a full day of audits so we stayed all day at mom's. We went to the Scrapbook store, I mailed swaps off from their PO and we went out to visit my SIL & the kids at their still new house. Can you believe, even tho I had my camera the whole time, I didn't take one pic of the kids??? I did however take pics of the rock out croppings on the road. They looked very cool to me. We have them all the way from StL to Springfield and Bolivar. I'd hate to have been the one that had to break those up for the highway to go thru!!! This is also the reason that there are very few basements in Bolivar. These rocks are under EVERYTHING. Hmmm, tornadoes & no basements. NOT a good thing!

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