Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 355

Last basketball game of the year (not the season, more games in Jan & Feb) so no time for dinner tonite. Got home & popped us a big bunch of popcorn to munch on while watching TV. I LOVE LOVE LOVE popcorn!!!

Day 354

Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute, huh? I FINALLY got the kids together to get a pic for the Christmas cards. Then, my printer wouldn't print. Forget it, I'll just take the pic to Walgreens. I uploaded the pic & when I went back to get the prints, half of Nick's head was cut off! I got a refund, went back home & uploaded the ORIGINAL, not my cropped, edited version, made the changes & sent it for printing. They won't be done until 8pm?!?!?! Oh well, FINALLY got them & finally got the last of my cards OUT!!!!

Day 353

We got a dusting of snow yesterday. I figured it would all be melted by 10am. Instead, it stayed all day as the temps didn't rise much and the sun never came out. It's still here this morning & it's flurried off and on all morning. We're supposed to get more next week!! Yea!! WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!

Day 352

I love snow on a holly bush. What could be more Christmasy?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 351

Ok, Becca took this shot, it's a pic of the shelf above my table in the dinning room. As I posted it, I notice what looks like "texture" on the wall behind the shelf. I'm guessing it has something to do w/the light from the multiple bulbs in the chandelier but it still looks freaky!!!

Weird, now I don't see the lines. Nevermind!

Day 350

A twist on the Pbutter Cookeis w/a kiss in the middle. They never worked well for me. First the kiss always fell off. 2nd, the were very difficult to store (which contributed to #1) and finally, there was not enough chocolate for each bite of cookie; you ended up w/more pbutter than choc. This may fix those problems. The dove square is not as tall, is wider & will lie fairly flat in the tupperware. Also, dove is ever so much yummier than kisses!!!

Day 349

The upstairs tree.

Day 348

While my dad was in town, I thought I'd have him do some routine maintenance on my car. The garage wanted $145 to change my antifreeze. Dad did it in less than an hour for $10. Thanks dad!!

Day 347

Becca's last Christmas present. Used my to/from tags from Christies swap.

Day 346

The reason my parents came up was to help Steve with some of the plumbing on his new house. They got alot done. I think the house is really coming together. I can now at least figure out what's where. Hmmm, I was thinking I was jealous of Kevin & Steve getting to building their own houses but Wayne & I had our houses built for us too. I guess mine was just done too long ago. LOL

Day 345

Spent the day icing & sprinkling sugar cookies. These are my all time favorite cookies!!! Oh the sugary goodness!!

Day 344

Waiting. No, not for Santa. Waiting for my parents to arrive. They are coming up from Bolivar, MO to help Steve for a couple of days. This time, they are not staying with us but in the Holiday Inn. The kids are hoping to get to go & swim in the indoor pool!!! They are coming here first 'cause it's too early to check into the hotel. Looks like even Jack's excited.

Day 343

Made peanut brittle today. I LOVE the way it changes from a clear liquid to a tan solid when you add the butter & baking soda. I love peanut brittle!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 342

Worked today for the school. Thought I'd take another last sad pic of the tree for the year. It's been quite a year full of photos. Should I continue it for next year???

Day 341

I'm getting a HAM for Christmas???? Actually, I'm fairly certain it's my new tape dispenser gun! Rumor has it that they come wrapped only in bubble wrap, not box. But, I still think it looks like a giant ham.

Day 340

Snow was in the forecast last night. Becca was really hoping for the 2" they originally thought would hit. We got a dusting instead. Oh well, plenty more time for snow days ahead!

Day 339

Took Scott to a baseball card show today so he could pick out his Christmas gifts. I did it by myself last year but he stress of it was too much!!! I think I WAY overpaid for the card I bought last year so I let him come this year & negotiate the price. It worked out GREAT & he was able to complete his set of 1959 cards!!! Woohoo!!!

Day 337

Oops, got the days backwards. Out of order!!

The city of Hartford decorates its streets for Christmas. This seems sooo old fashioned to me & makes me all warm & fuzzy. I love to drive thru the streets & just admire it all. Reminds me of being a kid when MORE towns did this kind of stuff.

Day 338

Ooops, got the days out of order. Could fix it but it would take too long.

Day 336

I've had these snowflakes for years but have never got around to putting them up. Finally, this year I did. I think I LOVE them!!!! I wish I had bought MORE.

Day 335

The front gutters needed to be cleaned. Scott borrowed his mom's ladder & got 3 steps up before he freaked out. Nick said he'd do it. Nick got to the top & got it done but was a little freaked by it too. The only thing that got him thru it was the ok to throw the gunk on his dad. Goofy guys!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 334

Nick shooting a free throw. Somehow, he got fouled and got to take 2 shots. He made the first one & missed the 2nd. He was THRILLED!!!

Day 333

Scott & I went out Christmas shopping today. This is our view at lunch. Of course, in the pic you can't see the St. Louis Arch. It's just under the umbrella in the center of the pic. Tried to circle it but the circle just obscured it.

Day 332

Very odd

I added a pic to my craft blog & it worked fine. Why would one work & not this one. Weird. Will try again although it'll lock my computer up again if it doesn't work. Let's see.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ok, what's wrong now???

I can't find time to explain my pics but I was going to post them anyway. Now, for some reason, I can't even post the pics. If I hit the add pic button, it freezes up my whole internet. Go figure! I'll shut my computer down & try again later.

Friday, December 4, 2009