Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 364/5

ARGH!!!!!! On July 15th, I messed up the days. It's killing me not to go back & fix them all. This truly is day 365!!! I'm going to try to leave it alone. TRY being the operative word. I am moving on to a new blog so I might be able to leave it be. But, I'll always know......

Anyway, on to the final pic of the year:

You'd think that for New Year's Eve I could do better than this. We're not partiers! We don't go anywhere NYE. We did go out to Imo's for dinner & I guess I could have taken a pic of that since it's becoming the Ferguson NYE tradition but, I didn't. We went to Office depot to look for a new printer for me. In the parking lot there was a Beatle Bug. Inside the bug, there were these two little sweeties. I had to take a pic of Scotties in a Beatle Bug!!!

I did have to "alter" this pic. As you can tell, the glare on the window was really severe. I did an auto fix is PSE but that didn't help. I used a warm filter (not sure what it did but it looked better than w/o the filter) and then an "equalizing" filter. It made the puppies better to see. I need to play more with my PSE!!!

For 2010, I'm doing a new blog. To follow, go here

Day 363

Nick and his girlfriend exchanged Christmas gifts today. Adrianna came over and spent the day
playing video games with Nick. They had a good time. (Do you notice Jack in the corner, looking out his window?)

Day 362

In honor of the last post, I thought I'd show a "jack-wrap". LOL (My PSE won't fix kitty "red" eye. LOL)

Day 361

On Facebook, I'm a fan of Jack in the Box restaurants. Jack posted that he was bringing back the Jumbo Jack combo which is a hamburger, fries, drink & 2 (in)famous JitB tacos! YUMMMM! I told Scott we'd have to plan a trip to JitB sometime in the next few days. He checked their website & it also advertised the special. He suggested TONITE and, even tho I had planned on making Chili for dinner, I didn't argue. LOL

We went to our closet restaurant, no go. They didn't know anything about the special and refused to ask the manager or anyone in charge. Scott refused to eat there. We checked another JitB and they too had not heard of the current special. Scott refused to eat there. I suggested Taco Bell (although I do not particularly like TB) We went there & ordered our meals. The cashier informed us that we were the 100th order of the day and our meal would be FREE!!! We also ended up w/3 extra tacos 'cause they made a mistake! Woohoo. Still want the JitB deal but it's cool that we got FREE FOOD!!!

Day 360

This cat has been around the neighborhood for MONTHS. He/She doesn't appear to be a stray but I have no idea where he/she belongs. Maybe he/she IS a stray but is visiting Sherri's home for wayward cats (my friend who lives in the neighborhood has a "family" of strays that she feeds and, when she can catch them, "fixes") Anyway, we refer to this cat as "Jack's Girlfriend" although I don't see any LOVE between the 2 of them. Jack goes nuts when he sees her/him and he/she does the same. He/she's snarling at Jack thru the window here.

Day 359

My MIL got me the snowman on the left. Of course, if Eveline has it, Aunt Jackie probably had it FIRST!!! We went to Aunt Jackie's the day after Christmas 'cause Roger & the girls were in town so we all wanted to get together. Nick spent most of his time in the kitchen as the only other boy there is 4. No one for him to talk to. I came in to get a shot of him & it looks like he's wearing the Top Hat!! At least it "goes" w/the omni-present red hoodie!!!

Day 358, Christmas!!!

It wasn't much but we DID get my White Christmas!!! It was soooo pretty w/lite snow falling all day. Not much along the lines of accumulation but it was still nice!

Here are some other pics:

Day 357

Our Christmas Eve Tradition: McDonalds. Since I'm always the one to cook a big dinner for Christmas Day, I don't have the time (or the fridge space) for a big, fancy dinner on Christmas Eve. So, a few years ago the tradition was born. I'm sure the kids that have to WORK are not thrilled w/our tradition but my kids LOVE it (and all their friends are super jealous!!)

This year, the tradition almost had to be altered. Uncle Jack was coming in on Christmas Eve at 3:45 and bringing his new fiancee! It would be tight to make it to the airport, pick up Jack & Amy, get them to Scott's Mom, pick us up, get to McDs & eat before they closed at 6! Then, the unthinkable happened: Snow in Midland and Dallas!! The flight was delayed until 4:15. Then 5:11, then 6. Ok, we'll go BEFORE we pick them up! Worked out PERFECTLY. I got my pies baked & even had time to bake off all the rolls. Had our McDs and picked up Jack & Amy w/o any further problems.

Day 356

Silly Kitty