Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 357

Our Christmas Eve Tradition: McDonalds. Since I'm always the one to cook a big dinner for Christmas Day, I don't have the time (or the fridge space) for a big, fancy dinner on Christmas Eve. So, a few years ago the tradition was born. I'm sure the kids that have to WORK are not thrilled w/our tradition but my kids LOVE it (and all their friends are super jealous!!)

This year, the tradition almost had to be altered. Uncle Jack was coming in on Christmas Eve at 3:45 and bringing his new fiancee! It would be tight to make it to the airport, pick up Jack & Amy, get them to Scott's Mom, pick us up, get to McDs & eat before they closed at 6! Then, the unthinkable happened: Snow in Midland and Dallas!! The flight was delayed until 4:15. Then 5:11, then 6. Ok, we'll go BEFORE we pick them up! Worked out PERFECTLY. I got my pies baked & even had time to bake off all the rolls. Had our McDs and picked up Jack & Amy w/o any further problems.

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