Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 364/5

ARGH!!!!!! On July 15th, I messed up the days. It's killing me not to go back & fix them all. This truly is day 365!!! I'm going to try to leave it alone. TRY being the operative word. I am moving on to a new blog so I might be able to leave it be. But, I'll always know......

Anyway, on to the final pic of the year:

You'd think that for New Year's Eve I could do better than this. We're not partiers! We don't go anywhere NYE. We did go out to Imo's for dinner & I guess I could have taken a pic of that since it's becoming the Ferguson NYE tradition but, I didn't. We went to Office depot to look for a new printer for me. In the parking lot there was a Beatle Bug. Inside the bug, there were these two little sweeties. I had to take a pic of Scotties in a Beatle Bug!!!

I did have to "alter" this pic. As you can tell, the glare on the window was really severe. I did an auto fix is PSE but that didn't help. I used a warm filter (not sure what it did but it looked better than w/o the filter) and then an "equalizing" filter. It made the puppies better to see. I need to play more with my PSE!!!

For 2010, I'm doing a new blog. To follow, go here

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