Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 361

On Facebook, I'm a fan of Jack in the Box restaurants. Jack posted that he was bringing back the Jumbo Jack combo which is a hamburger, fries, drink & 2 (in)famous JitB tacos! YUMMMM! I told Scott we'd have to plan a trip to JitB sometime in the next few days. He checked their website & it also advertised the special. He suggested TONITE and, even tho I had planned on making Chili for dinner, I didn't argue. LOL

We went to our closet restaurant, no go. They didn't know anything about the special and refused to ask the manager or anyone in charge. Scott refused to eat there. We checked another JitB and they too had not heard of the current special. Scott refused to eat there. I suggested Taco Bell (although I do not particularly like TB) We went there & ordered our meals. The cashier informed us that we were the 100th order of the day and our meal would be FREE!!! We also ended up w/3 extra tacos 'cause they made a mistake! Woohoo. Still want the JitB deal but it's cool that we got FREE FOOD!!!

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