Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 241

We went to Chili's for dinner tonite. We walked in at 4:18 (yes, we are early birds. Can you imagine what we will be like when we're really old?? We'll eat supper at 11am!) Anyway, there were tons of people waiting in the entrance but TONS of tables open. I thought maybe they were a big party & they were moving tables or something for them. Imagaine my surprise when our party of 4 was given a beeper dealie & told we'd have 5 minute wait?!?! We sat outside (and I took cool pics of plants & junk). The large party walked out a few minutes later complaining about having to wait when there were lots of open tables. We were just about to leave when our buzzer went off & we were walked past all the open tables & stuck in the back, by the "to go" pickup. We asked the waiter why & he informed us that the wait staff for the front of the resturant wasn't there yet but our table had been open since he got there at 3:15. Even he was confused as to why we were told to wait. Odd!! Dinner was very, very good & our waiter was fantastic!! Odd situation but yummy results!

Day 240

Becca had a volleyball game in Pana, IL. We had NO IDEA where it was, just more than halfway to Springfield! The school gave us directions including, turn left at the grain elevator. Do you have ANY IDEA how many grain elevators there are between Litchfield and Pana???? EVERY town on Route 16 had a grain elevator. They may not have had a store or even a Casey's gas station but they had a grain elevator. This is the ACTUAL grain elevator we were supposed to turn left at. The games were really, really good; JV lost in 3, V won in 2! We have to come back here in 2 weeks for 2 days of tournament play. YIKES!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 239

I liked the angle & liked the flag against the clouds & the sky. Pretty & patriotic!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 238

The kids are supposed to pick up their rooms before they go to bed. Last night, I went to bed before THEY did so, this is what Nick's room looked like when I got up. How can he sleep in all that clutter?? Good thing I didn't know it was that bad or I wouldn't have been able to sleep. Yes, he did clean it up first thing this morning!!

Day 237

I don't think I'm going to take anymore VB pics. I can't figure out how to adjust my camera or if there is even an adjustment to make. Having said all that & even tho this pics is so out of focus, I really DIG IT!!! Shows the girls really playing, not just standing there waiting for the ball. Although it does appear the Kayla is afraid of the ball. This ball did hit & the other team got the point but we still kicked Christan School Butt!! JV won in 2 straight games & V also won in 2 straight. It's gonna be a FUN year!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 236

It's boobie squishing day! More fun than a barrel of monkeys. But, I did it and I'm done for another year. Better safe than sorry!

Day 235

Shopping at the local Wally world. Too much fun. Hmm, this appears to all be food (the TP isn't ours. LOL). For once, we got out for under $100. LOL

Day 234

We took Scott's mom out for dinner tonite. While walking her back into the house, I saw this little bloom INSIDE her holly bush. Good thing I took a pic 'cause as soon as she saw it there, she yanked it out & threw it away. Poor little daisy. (I THINK it's a daisy, too small to be a black-eyed Susan, I think).

Day 233

Traditionally, we go out for lunch on the first day of school. The last couple of years, this hasn't been possible 'cause I worked for a different school and volleyball practice has interfered. So, this year, Becca asked if we could go get Bagels one day before school. We stopped at StL Bread (which is Panera Bread in the rest of the country) and picked up bagels today. QUITE YUM!!! I got a plain one, Becs got Cinnamon Crunch & Nick got French toast. Ok, that's what we ALWAYS get. We are not a family who likes to mix things up.

Day 232

Leaving the kids' school today, these little guys were hanging out in the field next to the school. Hmm, wonder what THEY learned today???

Day 231

These are Scott's TWO tomato plants. They look like a tomato forest! Why? In the beginning, I pulled off what I thought were "suckers". Maybe I didn't pull off enough. Everyone else's tomatoes don't seem this bushy. Am I doing something wrong?

Day 230

I sat in the car for a few minutes while the report I was listening to on the radio was over. As I sat there, I noticed this tree that is in my backyard neighbors back yard. I've never notice that it tilts. I wonder if it's safe?? A few years ago, some of these OLD trees in back of our houses were knocked over in a bad storm. Knocked down power lines & we were without electricity for 4 days! I hope if this one goes, it doesn't do any damage.

Day 229

I'm fascinated with clouds. We've been having stormy weather and the threat of thunderstorms for days (not much rain tho). These were taken when we got home from school this afternoon. I love them!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another full week since I posted??

I can't believe I'm behind a week again. Will get it done today!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 228

First day of the 2009-2010 school year. Becca is starting her first year of HIGH SCHOOL!! How did that happen??? Nick's going into 7th grade. They're growing up so fast. I'm not ready!!

Day 227

School starts tomorrow! Without me asking, both kids came out to pack their book bags for tomorrow. They got all their folders & papers & pens & pencils, put them together where they belong (or at least belong for now!) I think they are both excited to get back to school. No matter what they say, I'm sure they are like their parents and thrive with a routine.

Day 226

Went grocery shopping today. I don't usually go; Scott likes it, I hate it, it works great when he goes. ALONE. Today I got dragged along with him. We always spend more when I go, another reason to not like it! LOL

Anyway, we were putting all the groceries away and who decides the empty spot in the pantry is just the right size for him??? Mr. Scruffypants. This is NOT acceptable. But cute. Silly Cat!

Day 225

It was Nick's turn to pick where we get to eat tonite. He picked Dairy Queen. Becca's not crazy about their burgers but we ALL love their Ice cream!!! This time, it was Scott who dripped all over his shirt, not me. For a change.

Day 224

My darling daughter. She's so pretty. And most of the time, nice. Although, she has her moments. Cooling off after volleyball practice. I am really proud of her for getting involved and trying. I always knew I was athletically gifted so I never even tried any sport. She is building up her confidence and getting ever so much better. Somehow, she doesn't seem to end up on my blog very often. So, here's to Becs!!

Day 223

Saw this little bloom while getting in the car. I don' t know where they came from but they are pretty. I love morning glories and would love to have them growing over the fence in the back yard.

Day 222

Sitting in the car, waiting for Becs at practice (seems stupid to drive all the way home just to turn around & come back in an hour. Plus, it gives me time to read. And I've done some crafting while waiting too). A field of clover by the parking lot. Liked the look of it.

Day 221

Volleyball has started. It actually started last week when we were in KC. 8-10 every morning. Gets us in the groove when school starts next week. Becca LOVES VB. I get so stressed just watching her. I was never good at sports & particularly bad at VB!! I'm glad she likes it & she is getting better. Since there are only 7 high schoolers this year, she SHOULD get more playing time!! Should is the KEY word. We'll see.

Day 220

When you come upstairs, there are some things you DON'T expect to see. Like a dead bagel. I propose that Mr. Jack did it with the knife in the dinning room. I have no proof but, if I had to guess, I'd say that Nick decided halfway thru slicing his bagel he wasn't hungry anymore and left it on the table. The fact that there are kitty teeth marks all over the bagel lead me to believe that Jack knocked the bagel, napkin, knife & all onto the floor & attempted to eat it. Either he was frightened away or he just gave up.

Day 219

Stamp Camp day!!! Yes, after getting home late yesterday I still got up at the crack of dawn to be at Sue's at 8am for cards!! Here is another building in Elsah. I love this "town" and how quaint the houses look. And, fall is coming. Maybe next month, I'll get some trees that are changing!

Day 218

Scott had a morning audit today so I dropped him off, went back to the hotel, packed the room, checked out of the hotel, dropped a package off at the library & drove back to Scott's audit. Being the wonderful supporting spouse that I am (ok, stop laughing, I have occasional supportive moments!), I told Scott that I would drive. He had to drive so much this week getting to audits that it only seemed fair for me to let him rest a bit. We stopped for lunch, I drove after. We stopped for gas, I drove after. We got home, unloaded everything and, as there was no food in the house, I drove to Edwardsville (20 minutes away) for Pasta House. YUM!!!

When we got back from dinner, I realized that we had library stuff due TODAY!! back in the van, out to the mall and we got the stuff returned before $1 a day fines for videos kicked in. Vacation is truly over!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 217

Pretty butterfly we saw outside our hotel today. He/She sat there posing for us while I took pics. When I was done, he/she flew away. Pretty!!

Day 216

The kids & I walked to Chick-fil-a today. We LOVE CFA!! The walk was a little longer, it was a little warmer , there was a hill that was not noticeable when driving & there was no crosswalk for the 4 lane "road" we had to cross to get there but, when we got there, it was SOOOOO GOOD!!!

I saw this little stuffed animal and had to get it. Nick thought it was too cute and Becca thought it was scary beyond all reason. I'm sure if Scott "knew" about it, he'd think it was stupid to spend $5 on. I'm happy! LOL

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 215

2/3 of the Hoxsie Kids

It just so happens that while we were in KC, Steve had a job (he also travels for his job) there too. He brought his wife & kids. And, Kevin had a few days off from work so he brought his wife & kids to KC & stayed in the same hotel the Steve did. Unfortunately, we are staying 30 miles away from where they were. We tried to get together yesterday but it didn't work.

But tonite, Kevin, Missy & the kids were at a flea market about 4 miles from our hotel. They finished up about the same time that Scott finished his work. We met up at Texas Roadhouse. It could not have been more perfect. The twins were occupied and calm the entire time. Becca & Marissa sat at a table with Nick & Matt while us adults and the twins sat at one right across from the kids. Everyone had a good time & we got to visit and eats TONS of good food (so much food that I brought my entire entree home w/me!) It was a very nice visit.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 214

We went to the mall across the highway from our hotel today. When we got back to the car, this is what it said. YIKES. I don't think it was really this hot (I didn't bother to notice what it was by the time we got to Outback for dinner!) but it was VERY WARM!!! I'm ready to move to Minnesota!!!

Day 213

Today, we left for Independence MO. Scott has 4.5 days of audits to do so the kids & I tagged along for one last trip before school starts. It was an uneventful trip. We arrived in Independence about 3:30, went to an early dinner (we skipped lunch) and then to find a Target and/or Walmart to pick up some supplies: candy, soda, Edwards Frozen pie. You know, hotel necessities. We have a 2 bedroom suite at the Residence Inn w/a FULL kitchen and 2 bathrooms. This is what I call roughing it!!

Day 212

Ok, so we had a leak yesterday. Mr. Plumber man said all would be fine as he turned off the water to the sink so there was no way it would leak. Well, the problem is that the pipe apparently vents to the roof. So, if it rains, it might leak again. Well it started raining at noon. Didn't start leaking until about 2 or 3.

Sometimes it would leak from the pipe (as seen yesterday) or sometimes it would leak onto the light fixture and then run all the way across the light (and INTO the light). Since we are going to be gone all next week, we decided we had to insure the rug didn't get ruined. We put plastic drop clothes down & then put towels to hopefully absorb the gook.

Day 211

Thursday afternoon, Scott noticed a brown, sticky substance on the basement ceiling tile. Further investigation found there was a leak. We thought it was this pipe joint (we later discovered it was coming from MUCH higher up, in the bathroom). I was running the dishwasher & it started leaking. I stopped the d/w, it stopped running. Later, someone used the upstairs bathroom. Nothing. About 10 minutes later, drip, drip, DRIP!!! Big drips!!!

We called a plumber & he has to take out the vanity and cut a whole in the wall to get to the problem. He couldn't finish it that afternoon & would have had to charge us HUGE amounts to finish it after 5. We scheduled him to come back on 8/10, 3 days after we get back from KC. We can't use the upstairs sink until after then. The kids are brushing their teeth & washing their hands in the tub. Fun!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 210

I promise! This is the last sleeping Jack pic for a LONG time! But, if you notice, this time, he's in HIS BED!! He was sleeping in the corner every time I looked at him for the last couple of days. So, I moved his bed over to the corner (right next to my computer). He sniffed around it & dug into it a couple times, crawled in, curled up & went right to sleep. Lets see how long it lasts......

Day 209

I got up this morning & decided it was a pancake kind of day (it even included a "panny-cake" song!) Becca requested Mickey Mouse pancakes and I did give it a try. I think this looks more like Arthur than Mickey. But they tasted GOOD!!!

Day 208

Bethel tree update!!! Since school's been out, there has been no update of how my little tree is doing. We had to go by and pay the first half of next year's tuition today & I KNEW I had to get a pic of the tree. He looks happy & healthy here, doesn't he?? I can't wait for fall so I can see how he looks w/his new colors!!

Day 207

Sorry, more sleeping cat pics (clearly, these are the "cat" days of summer!). Once again, goofy pants here won't sleep in his bed. His spot dujour is under the kids game table in the basement. I don't know if he thinks he's hidden from Nick here or it just seemed like a quiet spot. I do think he's SO CUTE asleep. Sorry, I had to take another pic of him!