Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 215

2/3 of the Hoxsie Kids

It just so happens that while we were in KC, Steve had a job (he also travels for his job) there too. He brought his wife & kids. And, Kevin had a few days off from work so he brought his wife & kids to KC & stayed in the same hotel the Steve did. Unfortunately, we are staying 30 miles away from where they were. We tried to get together yesterday but it didn't work.

But tonite, Kevin, Missy & the kids were at a flea market about 4 miles from our hotel. They finished up about the same time that Scott finished his work. We met up at Texas Roadhouse. It could not have been more perfect. The twins were occupied and calm the entire time. Becca & Marissa sat at a table with Nick & Matt while us adults and the twins sat at one right across from the kids. Everyone had a good time & we got to visit and eats TONS of good food (so much food that I brought my entire entree home w/me!) It was a very nice visit.

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