Friday, July 31, 2009

Wasted time!

Been spending too much time trying to make the perfect watermark. I promise; more pics tonite or tomorrow!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 206

Today's pic is from Nick. He saw the cardinal outside and grabbed my camera & too this pic. He has a lot to learn about taking distance(or close up for that matter) pics. Yes, this pic has the wrong watermark. But, I still like it & makes me happy :)

Day 205

Yesterday, Debi has Carpal Tunnel surgery. So, what do you do your first day post-op?? Have a SU Party of course!! Yes, she knew she it would be the day after her surgery when she booked the party. She's a real trooper!!! We had a great time & made some really cool cards and had a great time!

Day 204

As if yesterday's fall reminder wasn't enough, here is a reminder that CHRISTMAS and winter's on it's way. I don't remember my holly bushes ever having this many berries this early. Maybe it's normal & my bushes have been too young in the past. I LOVE my holly bushes!!!
Can you see my watermark in the bottom right hand corner?? I just figured this out (thanks to the amazing Kristina Werner). Now, I can see me downloading TONS of brushes to make myself more coolio watermarks.

Day 203

This picture didn't turn out quite like it looks in real life. Maybe, if you look closely at the top of the tree, you can see the leaves are changing!! After 5 days of 60-70 degree weather, I think the trees are confused! One of the local weathermen has gone out on a limb to say that he thinks summer is done. He doesn't think we'll hit 90 again for the year. That would be odd!! I hope he's right. If he is, I've wasted the $$$ paid for the pool this year but it's worth it to me!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 202

There are certain DISADVANTAGES to having your library in a mall. Went last night to drop of some books & ended up buying new shoes for BOTH kids. Well, they were a heck of a deal so, maybe it wasn't a bad thing. Funny how BOTH kids picked out a very similar shoe.

Day 201

Isn't it the summer equinox on which you are supposed to be able to balance an egg on it's end?? Well, apparently, 7/21 is the day you can balance your soda can on it's side. Actually, according to Nick, you can do it any day. You just have to have the right amount of soda left in the can (about half).
I thought this was cool, Scott was worried it was going to fall & spill. That man REALLY needs to lighten up!

Day 200

Last Wednesday, the kids were supposed to have a library event at the park. It RAINED BUCKETS and the event was cancelled and rescheduled for today. Both kids were gone for 5 hours AND Scott was actually doing an audit out of the office (house). I was alone for 5 hours in my own house. It was nice (didn't do anything spectacular but it was nice that it was so quite).
The kids had a blast at the event. There were games and a rock climbing wall. Both kids won prizes; Nick won baseball tickets (for the Cardinals, ick) and a t-shirt. Becca won 2 books & a gift card for a movie theater. The weather was PERFECT, nice & cool. In July!!

Day 199

While walking thru the neighborhood tonite, I passed the house that my uncle has used as his office (my uncle owns the construction company that built most of the neighborhood). He has these HUGE hibiscus blooms and my hibiscus has NOTHING!! These things are bigger than my hand! Really pretty. I did check my plant and I have about 9 buds. Lets see what blooms......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 198

Is this July?? In St. Louis??? Unseasonably NICE weather for July. Of course, our pool membership is going unused but it's SO WORTH IT!!! Our A/C has been off for 2 days & may get to stay off for 2 more days!! YEA!! I love sleeping w/the windows open.

Day 197

Nick was outside pulling weeds & came saying there was a dragonfly outside. I was lucky enough to get a few shots of him. Click it to make it bigger. COOL!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 196

So, in an effort to find someplace comfy to sleep, Jack knocks over my newspaper basket, drags the recylcing stuff out & makes himself to home. Silly, silly, silly cat!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 195

Fall??? After a night of heavy rain and loud thunderstorms, I woke up to this little bit on my back deck. A promise that, despite the heat & humidity that fall is indeed on it's way?? Back to school shopping, school supplies on sale, teachers making their lists for next year. Bethel starts on 8/17! Summers racing by quickly!!!

Day 195

Nick is nuts. And, clearly, so am I as I made this my picture of the day 'cause he said so. It's a ketchup bottle that has been to a party & had too much to drink. There was no lampshade nearby so, he's wearing a White Castle box instead. But, it got me a pic of Nick which is become harder & harder (unless I sneak up on him & then my camera takes too long & he notices me & puts his hand over the lens so I can't take the pic!). So, I give you drunken ketchup. Enjoy!!

Day 194

Further proof the the cat is trying to kill ME!! He's been jumping up on the long shelf on the other side of the family room; knocking over pictures, digging in baskets & generally driving me nuts. So, today, he picked a new spot; the book shelf. He's NEVER jumped up there before (probably 'cause the shelves are too close together & he knew his fat behind wouldn't fit!) After he got up, he was afraid to jump down. Crazy cat!

Day 193

While the Cubs were getting beaten by the Cards (boo, hiss) I made chocolate pie. I usually make Coconut but, as I'm the only one who will EAT coconut, I decided to be nice. I personally thought the chocolate was kinda boring. Scott & Becca loved it. Nick wouldn't eat it 'cause it had whipped cream on it. What kind of kid doesn't like whipped cream????

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hmmm, wasn't this supposed to be a daily project??

I'm still taking the pics but never can seem to get them uploaded daily and blogged daily. Tomorrow, I'll try to get caught up. Although, I'm not thinking anyone's even reading this anymore so, why worry???

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 192

It was Stamp Camp day today but I didn't get any good shots in Elsah nor of the river. So, I got this shot of a HOUSE on the way to take Nick to a b'day party at the Y in Edwardsville. I figured it had to be a business or a country club or something but it's a single family home. These are not that common where I live, let me tell you. There are some big houses in E'ville (and some gorgeous historic old homes too) but this one shocked me!

Day 191

Did you know that today was Cow Appreciation Day??? Me neither. But, if you dressed as a cow today, you got a free meal at Chick Fil A. We were at the mall & decided to stop for lunch. Since we all love CFA, we stopped. This cow was wandering the food court, scaring little children and posing for pics. I don't know why he/she looks very sad to me.

Day 190

Nick wants to learn to dive. I can't dive (I'm even afraid to TRY!) So, Colton is trying to teach Nick (Colton swims like a FISH!) Nick gets in the right position but can't go in head first. I'm sure, by the end of summer, he'll have it down! 3 years ago, Nick was terrified of the water and wouldn't go under for anything, now, he's Mr. Swim. He'll embrace diving soon, I'm sure of it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 189

Is it dead??? This is the hydrangea I planted this year. I'm thinking it's getting too much sun?? I see some new leaves but I'm not sure it's going to make it. Next year, I'm planting SUNFLOWERS! If they get too much sun, I'm planting bricks the year after!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 188

Day 3 of the Stay-Cation: StL Science Center. For the price of gas to Forest Park, we got 3 hours in the A/C and some interesting exhibits. And, as they were running a special on Omnimax tickets, we decided to go see the Grand Canyon Adventure, River at Risk. I was hoping the Scott & the kids would see how majestic & wonderful the GC was and maybe we could work a future vacation there (I went when I was a kid but our family RARELY took pics!!) Well, I used to get sick at in-the-round type theaters and I have NOT grown out of it. I was so dizzy & had a sick headache all afternoon.
We persevered and saw a few more exhibits but the kids have outgrown most of the things (the cyber are would have been a great thing for them to check out but, since I was feeling icky, I couldn't deal w/the video games & funky lights & stuff). We did luck into the Science Center Peep Show. No, marshmallow peeps!! They heated, boiled, vacuumed and froze them. I like that kind of science!!!

Day 187

Ok, some people (my bros) will think this is the silliest thing but that's 'cause their kids are being raised totally different than mine. Their kids pee outside, have driven cars (to be fair, only in the driveway) since they could walk, have had their own 4-wheelers forever and have mowed lawns for $$$ since they realized they needed $$$$. LOL My kids are probably too sheltered. This is my fault but one of those things you only realize when it's too late???

Becca will turn 15 in a few months & wants to get her drivers license. She's never even been behind the wheel of a car and asked me the other day if the horizontal pedal was the gas?? I'm thinking I've done a dis-service to my kids. So, Scott decided that a little legal "behind the wheel training was in order. We let them drive the lawnmower around for a bit to see what it would kind of be like to drive. Nick had no fear of the mower & no idea where he was going. Kept going around in circles & way too near the tree for his mother's comfort. Becca was a little more timid about driving but more careful too.

While we're doing all this in the front yard, our neighbors across the street were out. Between them, they have raised 5 kids. I'm guessing they thought we were just crazy for getting so worked up about the "practice". Some of you are probably too. I know my brothers would be!!

Day 186

As part of our Stay-cation, we decided that going to the movies was a good plan. And, what better kind of movie than a DRIVE-IN!?!?! Such fun. I remember going to drive-ins as a kid and as a teen. I don't think Scott & I ever went to a drive-in while we were dating.
We loaded the lawn chairs into the van, packed a cooler, popped popcorn & then drove nearly an hour to Litchfield for the movie. They were showing both Up & Imagine That. None of us really cared to see Imagine That so we left after Up. I'd give it 4 stars out o 5. Not the best of Pixar but pretty good! And who wouldn't like Kevin???

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 185

Happy Fourth of July!
And Happy Birthday Mom!!!

The 4th is an odd holiday now. Since Mom & Dad moved to Southern MO, we rarely do anything special anymore. We don't seem to barbecue or even go see the fireworks. It's almost like just another day. Before, we always did something for mom's birthday and it was more of a celebration. Oh well, we'll come up with new traditions before too long.

Scott FINALLY got some 'maters from his plant. When I picked them (yes, I'm the only one taking care of HIS tomatoes!!!) it was too dark or I would have taken pics on the vine. But, when I put them in the window, the red of the tomatoes, the white of the wall and the blue of the blinds seemed inspired for my 4th of July pic. (Good thing since we did NOTHING else picture worthy today!)

Day 184

This was a pretty yellow hibiscus growing in front of a local business. I'm guessing it's a different type of hibiscus than what we have as the stems were very thick & woody. Plus, it had a bloom where ours hasn't bloomed in WEEKS!!

Day 183

Silly kitty sleeping in the striped sunshine. Gotta love him!

Day 182

Happy Canada DAY!!!!

A couple of years ago, we went to Canada in late June. We had a total BLAST!!! And, we visited an Old Navy and bought us all Canada Day T's. This is mine. LOL I can't wait to go back to Canada some day. I lost ALL MY pics of Cincinnati, Toronto (including the CN Tower) and Niagara Falls when my computer crashed. That's when I bought my first External Hard Drive.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 181

More Kitty Pics! Jack crawled under the blankets we keep in a basket in the living room. He was too cute, just a little of him peeking out. But, he's not allowed in the blankets so, out he came. Where did he go to sleep after that?? His bed, the extra pillow in his "secret" closet? The stairs where he's been sleeping lately? No, on top of my BIG Crop In Style bag in my scrap closet. Crazy Cat!

Day 180

I was sitting upstairs today, watching TV while folding laundry. For some reason, the tree & the leaves & the sunshine coming thru the window caught my eye. I wanted to see if a pic of the window would turn out (especially from across the room!) It's not exactly how my eye saw it but, it turned out pretty good. Not enough leave definition but, still what I wanted

Day 179

Becca was messing w/my camera trying to take an extreme closeup (I won't even TELL you what she was trying to take pics of and how gross it was!!!). I showed her how to change to Macro & how to turn off the flash. She got her icky pic & the camera was still there so I took this pic: pizza dough. I think it looks cool.

Day 178

A couple weeks ago, I started painting my nails again. I like to have painted toes in the summer since I'm up at the pool so much & my feet look SOOO awful but a tiny bit better w/polish. Every trip to Target, I look at new nail colors. But, I have so many colors at home & am never sure which colors might be pretty close to what I have that I never seem to actually MAKE a purchase. This is this week's color.

A Week Since I Last Posted?!?!?!?

YIKES How did that happen. We're heading for Springfield, IL today. Going to check out the Lincoln Presidental Museum and the IL History Museum. Lots of photo opps. When I get home, I'll do my best to post the last weeks' pics. Some are very odd, I must say. But, since I'm very odd, it makes perfect sense!!