Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 188

Day 3 of the Stay-Cation: StL Science Center. For the price of gas to Forest Park, we got 3 hours in the A/C and some interesting exhibits. And, as they were running a special on Omnimax tickets, we decided to go see the Grand Canyon Adventure, River at Risk. I was hoping the Scott & the kids would see how majestic & wonderful the GC was and maybe we could work a future vacation there (I went when I was a kid but our family RARELY took pics!!) Well, I used to get sick at in-the-round type theaters and I have NOT grown out of it. I was so dizzy & had a sick headache all afternoon.
We persevered and saw a few more exhibits but the kids have outgrown most of the things (the cyber are would have been a great thing for them to check out but, since I was feeling icky, I couldn't deal w/the video games & funky lights & stuff). We did luck into the Science Center Peep Show. No, marshmallow peeps!! They heated, boiled, vacuumed and froze them. I like that kind of science!!!

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