Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I will post again soon!

My parents are in town. I have pics & will get back to posting as soon as I can get back to my desk in the basement! That may be tonite.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 265

The view out of my sunroof today. I can't decide if the orientation is correct or not. I think it is that's why I didn't change it!

Day 264

Another VB game tonite. Becca FINALLY got her home uniform. Unfortunately, it's not exactly like the other girls'. Her's doesn't "glow" in photos. LOL Looks a lot better than the frumpy t-shirts she & Hannah W were wearing. Go Lady Knights!!!

Day 263

Fall in the neighborhood! I love this display and would love to do something like it but I don't think mine would look like this. This is so casual and PERFECT!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 262

Imos. St. Louis Style Pizza. The Square Beyond Compare. This is our pizza!!! To outsiders, it's a little odd. They cut the pieces into squares (you can kinda see where the pieces have been). This is the "THICK" crust version & you can tell, it's not that thick. The regular pizza is essentially pizza topping on a saltine! It's THIN. It's an acquired taste, I will admit. We had it the first time on our honeymoon & did NOT like it. Somewhere along the line, we tried it again & now it's our favorite pizza!

Day 261

A tree in my neighborhood. We have such pretty trees around here. Mine is not changing much but this one on the next block is. So pretty!!!

Day 260

The little tree from School. The leaves are NOT turning pretty, that's for sure!! Looks like the leaves are rusting. Yikes! We'll keep an eye on it.

Day 259

I always knew my husband was a weiner! Now I have proof. We were wandering around Target, looking at the Halloween stuff & for some reason, he decided to try on the weiner costume (I think he wanted to see if one size did fit all!) The mustard really grosses me out, looks like instestines or something. ICK!!!

Day 258

Lookie what I got!! Fall is here!!! Candy Corn is in the stores!!!

Day 257

Today was NOT a good day. It started off that I ran TOTALLY out of soda for me. I had to go to the grocery store for stuff for dinner so I thought, no big deal. I went to the store but soda was $4.18 for a 12 pack. NO WAY!!! I'm totally addicted but I'm not stupid. I can do better than that! So, I stopped by McDs to get a $1.17 hugo to wet my whistle. Skippy at the drive thru window (not the speaker) tells me they're out of diet coke. HOW CAN YOU BE OUT OF DIET COKE????? I personally think they were out at the drive thru and were too lazy to get it from the dinning room but, we'll never know, will we?? I finally ended up getting a $4.99 24 pack at WalMart 'cause all the other stores were nearly $4 for a 12 pack. Addiction is NOT pretty!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 256

The last of the tomatoes. The weather here has been so weird, we just ripped up the tomatoes. They were mostly rotting on the vine before they turned red. I hope we don't plant them again next year.

Day 255

Stamp Camp in Elsah today. I love the way the sun filters thru the trees. I love roads like this. I can't wait to see what these trees look like over the next few months.

Day 254

Was stuck in a long line at a stop sign on the way to the kids' school today. I looked out the window & there were these flowers. I love the look of them & the line the highways all over the place. Apparently, they are a flower that thrives on exhaust fumes & concrete dust.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 253

Becs had another VB game tonite. This gym is basically is only as big as a basketball court. So, we were pretty much sitting ON TOP of the players!! Becca played in the 2nd JV game and we won in 2 straight. Then, she played in the FIRST varsity game. She was RIGHT IN FRONT of us for the whole time she played. Do you think I could have gotten a good pic of her???? No, I only got one w/her eyes closed!! ARGH!!!
I have NO IDEA what this is a pic of. Must be me moving the camera as it took a shot. Since I didn't have anything better........

Day 252

Becca has a VB game tomorrow & REQUESTED that her dad go practice with her. I went outside to help retrieve the ball (and to laugh, mock & occasionally encourage. LOL) While they were hard at work, I took pics.

I LOVE This one of the tree in our front yard. I really didn't think our tree was turning yet. But it is!! The only time I like this tree is in the fall: it never looses all of it's leaves until spring so it looks scruffy all winter long. In the summer, the branches hang too low & catch me when I'm trying to mow (we always trim the low hanging branches but it never seems to get them all!) In the winter, we try to hang C'mas lights but it's too tall to get them far enough up & I think it looks half done. And my opinion on C'mas lights is half done is NOT DONE. Don't even bother!!

Ok, off my tirade. Pretty leaves!!!

Day 251

Today I have visit 2 of 3 for my root canal. You might remember back in February when this whole thing started. I was supposed to have the 2nd visit in July but forgot the date & happened to be in Spfld MO when they called to see if I could come in 2 days early. So, we had to reschedule for today :(
I love my dentist but HATE having any work done! So, this time, to keep me from freaking out & forgetting how to breathe, she decided to give me drugs to keep me calm. I'm not really sure how well they worked. She was able to get the work done & I don't recall passing out. She gave me gas & I was tense but I guess it went well. Refill for the final portion (the crown) two days before T'giving. JOY!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 250

Happy Labor Day!! Trees are already turning here. WEIRD. I wonder how "fall" will progress. Will it be early & quick? I LOVE FALL!!!

Day 249

After the joy (it really was fun) of the tournament at Bethel, we decided that Becca can go to Pana/Rosamond on the bus. Well, if she's going alone, she's going to need a bigger bag to carry all her stuff. We looked at all the stores & found one we loved at Target. Only problem: the only one they had was BOLTED to the price tag! HUH?? So they checked & had 2 of them at the Florissant store. Before driving 20 minutes there, I called them to make SURE they had it. They did & were holding it or me in Guest Services. Becca is VERY happy w/her happy pink gym bag. I'm happy to NOT go to Pana!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 248

The tourney was a double elimination tournament. So, the first 2 teams (Agape & Bethel) had a bye for the first game. The 2 teams who lost were eliminated but the other 2 went on to play the top 2 teams. We beat Missisippi Valley & Agape beat COS.
So, the first game today was those winners playing against each other. Seems like that would have been the championship, right? No. We lost both games to Agape w/the same score 24-26. So, COS & MVCS played each other; MVCS won. So, we played MVCS & won in 2 straight.
Then, we went BACK to face Agape. We won the first set in 2 straight (both nail biters!!) Then, we had to play another set 'cause now we both had lost 1 set in the brackets. Talk about 2 teams trying to KILL each other (in a good Christian way!) It was back & forth & back & forth & back & forth. We won the first game by a couple points. They won the second by nearly 10 points. On to the tie breaker. 15 points for all the marbles. WE WON!!!!! 15-7!!! The girls were SO HAPPY!!!! On to the Pana tournament next week. WOOOHOOO!!

Day 247

More Volleyball games. Becca playing against Christian Outreach. She played a little bit but not too much. We beat COS & Agape (barely) so we were in FIRST PLACE!!! We played one bracket game against COS and won. Tomorrow, is the Championship against Agape. Should be a TOUGH game!!!

Day 246

Today starts 3 days of nothing but volleyball!! The Bethel Tournament started today at 4pm. We played 3 sets and won them all in 2 straight! Becca didn't play much but that was ok. She's happy to be part of the team and I was happy I didn't have to worry about her getting a Volleyball Spiked down her throat (the other teams are GOOD!!!!) Tomorrow, we play the other 2 teams and then starts bracket play. We'll be at school ALL DAY!!

Day 245

Took the kids to Culver's for dinner tonite. This is a cup of ketchup but somehow the clear cup disappeared in this pic. I thought it looked cool!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'll try to update today

It's been a very very busy week here. I worked at the kids' school on Wed afternoon & Thur afternoon started the Bethel VB Tournament. I was pretty much at the school every waking hour from 2:30 Thursday until the trophy ceremony at 3ish on Saturday. I don't think I have anything but VB pics from the last 3 days and I'll see if any of those are blog-worthy or not. You might get some old, unused 365 photos. But, new, relavent pics will start today, I promise!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 244

Favorite Movie Character day at school today. (This week is Spirit Week as the VB Tournament is this weekend!) You might have an idea about who Becca is supposed to be (the light saber ought to give it away). Nick, on the other hand, I'm sure you'll have no idea. That's ok; about 75% of the school went as "random movie extra" just so they could wear jeans. Give up?? Nick's the main character from Jumper. Now it all makes sense, doesn't it??

Day 243

It sure FEELS like fall. It was 54 this morning when I woke up. Brrrrr. I'm ready to put up my fall/Halloween decorations. And, some of the trees are turning AND loosing leaves. The local TV meteorologist is predicting a very mild fall too. Hmmm, makes you wonder about climate change. I am enjoying the cooler temps and the fresh air!

Today was PJ day at school & I didn't get any pics :(. Well, since Nick didn't wear PJs (I figured the school would frown on boxers & a t-shirt & he claimed it was too hot to wear his PJ pants) there would not have been much point in a pic of him anyway!

Day 242

Scott's mom bought us a microwave for a wedding present. 10 years ago, it died. We bought a new microwave & marveled at how much smaller it was outside while still being big enough inside. Now, 10 years later, it has croaked. We went to Best Buy and found a near twin to the one we had. YAY!! I made rice kripsie treats in it & the kids made popcorn in it to make sure it worked "right". It does. We're happy that the buttons are pretty much the same & in the same places and it opens the same as our previous one. The only difference that I don't like is that the time is smaller. Oh yeah, it's also SMALLER outside than the one it replaced. Cool!!