Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 241

We went to Chili's for dinner tonite. We walked in at 4:18 (yes, we are early birds. Can you imagine what we will be like when we're really old?? We'll eat supper at 11am!) Anyway, there were tons of people waiting in the entrance but TONS of tables open. I thought maybe they were a big party & they were moving tables or something for them. Imagaine my surprise when our party of 4 was given a beeper dealie & told we'd have 5 minute wait?!?! We sat outside (and I took cool pics of plants & junk). The large party walked out a few minutes later complaining about having to wait when there were lots of open tables. We were just about to leave when our buzzer went off & we were walked past all the open tables & stuck in the back, by the "to go" pickup. We asked the waiter why & he informed us that the wait staff for the front of the resturant wasn't there yet but our table had been open since he got there at 3:15. Even he was confused as to why we were told to wait. Odd!! Dinner was very, very good & our waiter was fantastic!! Odd situation but yummy results!

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