Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 157

Nick's turn to pick dinner. First, he chose Buffalo Wild Wings. He had gone there on Wed night w/a friend, decided he liked it & wanted it for dinner tonite. Then, since Scott was NOT coming with us (he want to play cards w/the folks) he decided to pick a restaurant that Scott doesn't like. So, we ended up a Red Robin. I like their burgers but their fries are a bit flat. The seasoning is TOO much on the fries so I just put a tiny bit on my "plate" (basket, wax paper, whatever) and dip the fry. Yes, since it's MY plate, I double dip when necessary.

Why does the service at RR always seem to suck?!?! Our first trip there, they messed Scott's burger up TWICE & then the waitress complained to us that even tho the kitchen messes the orders up, the waitress always gets shafted for it. This did NOT please Scott & she got shafted on her tip & he refuses to go there anymore. The 2nd time I went (kids & I only), we got HORRIBLE service!! I chalked it up to the waitress assuming that I wasn't going to tip (women tip less than men, usually) so I DIDN'T tip & left a note that the service was bad & that's why no tip. This time, the service was adequate but not stellar. I'm not asking for the moon, just my soda refilled BEFORE I'm sucking ice out of the bottom of my glass and if you advertise bottomless fries, occasionally ASK if we want more! Of my soapbox now!

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  1. Bummer, Suzi. Cindi and I go to RR occasionally, and it's FANTASTIC! We always have great food, great service. Probably a good thing we don't have one too close to home...I'd have gained 100 pounds by now!