Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 166

The drive to Bolivar/Spfld is approximately 4 hours plus potty/gas breaks and food stops. This is the kids in the backseat. I don't know if you can tell from this pic but they both have "iPod ears" which is how we refer to having ear buds in. Nick for his PSP and Becca for her music. If someone asks a kid a question & they don't answer, we'll say "they can't hear you; they've got iPod ears".

Ok, now this more for my journalling so one day, when I finally get around to scrapbooking again, I'll remember the joys of this particular drive down to the Ozarks. Read if you want but it might bore the heck out of you.

Scott didn't have any audits today meaning we didn't have to leave at any certain time. We decided we'd just leave when we were ready. We got up, packed the last minute stuff, loaded up the car. At 10, we were ready to go. Becca & I headed for the car while Scott shut down his computer. I decided I would take the first leg of the trip and I got in & reset the mileage (Scott's company would pay for the miles!) and got ready to go. No Scott & Nick. We waited & waited & waited. No boys. We honked; no boys. Finally they showed up wondering why we were in such a hurry.

We left. We got out of the neighborhood & Scott wondered aloud if we had our new insurance card in the van & started looking. He looked & looked & looked but couldn't find it. I turned around and headed back home. As soon as we got in front of the neighborhood, he found it. Onward!

We passed the Credit Union and Scott remembered we needed cash to pay the kids their allowance. I turned around and we drove thru and got some cash. And we were off. We get a few miles down the road & Nick doesn't have his wallet & Scott is wearing the wrong shoes (he's such a girl!) so, we turn around, go BACK home & get the shoes but can't find the wallet. Finally, we leave the house, for good this time, at 10:45!

We get across the river and onto the highway. It starts raining. And raining! AND RAINING!!! I can't see a THING in front of me! Half the cars don't have their lights on but I don't think it would matter anyway! I get into the far right lane and just try to stay there. We are driving at 35 mph, inching along, trying to keep from hitting other people.

It lets up a bit here & there but of course, by the time we get to our exit, it's coming down in sheets again. I am geographically challenged anyway so I have no idea if I'm going to Tulsa or Tampa (which I think would be neither) and I can't see the sign that Scott insists is there to tell me which was Springfield is. I can't see which lane I need to be in and there is a tractor trailer bearing down on me. I do make it thru the interchange but my stomach is tied in knots and I'm wishing I had let Scott drive.

We stop about 15 miles down the highway for lunch & Scott takes over the driving!! I do agree to drive a little bit later but I told him if ONE rain drop falls, I'm pulling over and letting him drive.

We did find the road to Bolivar is closed for bridge repair (1-888-Ask-MoDOT) so we drive straight to Spfld and check into our hotel. Then, we meet mom & dad at the BESTEST Golden Corral ever (they ALWAYS have Coconut Cream Pie!) and drive to Bolivar to play cards. It was a very long day!

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