Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 99

This is gonna be a long story!

I have a leak in upstairs bathroom faucet. It's just a little drip. My dad has tried to fix it twice and both times, it starts right back up again. I think the next thing to be done is replace the internal workings. Calling a plumber out would cost ALOT more than the water that's dripping. Someday, my dad will be up here for long enough to fix it. I will wait until then. In the mean time, we have a Tupperware tub that collects the water so I reuse it (for watering plants and stuff) so I don't feel so guilty about "wasting" water.

Enter Jack the cat. He is fascinated by water! When anyone goes into the bathroom, he wants to come & hang. He jumps on the sink and waits until you turn the faucet on & then he plays in the dripping water. He's so goofy (he also likes to watch the toilet flush. I'm wondering if he was kept in the bathroom when he was a kitten or something. ODD CAT!)

So, Jack has jumped in the tub & played w/the bucket of water before. He'll move it all over the bottom of the tub, try to get inside it and has dumped it over into the tub before. No big deal.

I woke up this morning to the oddest sound. Scared me for a minute or two until I realized it was Jack, in the tub, playing w/the bucket again. Back to sleep. I got up an hour or so later & went into the bathroom. This goofy cat had gotten the bucket OUT of the tub & dumped the water all over the floor. The kids never put the bathmat up so I assumed that the majority of the water was absorbed into the mat. I cleaned up the water that remained & tried to figure out HOW he to got a 5" square, 8" tall tub out of the bathtub w/o an opposable thumb!!! I guess where there's a will (and an intense curiosity) there's a way.

Last night, I was on the computer & Nick came down to bother, er, I mean TALK to me. He was staring at the ceiling over my scrap table. He asked what happened. I turned to look & there was this horrid stain on the ceiling. I guess all the water was NOT absorbed by the bath mat and some (alot!) of it dripped THRU the register upstairs and onto the ceiling tiles. I guess we'll be trying to find a matching tile at Lowe's this weekend!

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  1. What a crazy cat! When we were kids, we had a cat who used to jump in the tub with my brother and swim around. Maybe they are distant relatives...