Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 114

So, the first full day of 'palooza, I get up early to go jog the nature trails. It's so wonderful being out, one with nature. The morning sun, the birds, the gnats/mosquitoes, THE SNAKES???? ACK!! Oh, snakes are just one of joys of the outdoors & one of God's creatures.

Ok, those of you who know me can stop laughing now. No, I did not get up early to jog. I will NOT commune with nature if there are any other alternatives!!! I hate bugs & snakes!!! I got up, drove to McD's & had breakfast. Came back to the crop room & started playing!! Chelsea came in & said SHE had be jogging & saw this GIANT turtle on the path. She is going to go out & take a pic of it. I tell her to take my camera, I can say I was jogging & use it as my picture of the day. Well, the turtle is gone (I thought turtles moved slowly!!!) so she sees the snake & takes IT'S picture instead. LOL

Here is MY REAL pic! this is the crop room full of our stuff. Man, oh man! I have never seen so much stuff in one place. Maybe Archivers but they are better organized. LOL But, can you believe, with all this stuff, NO ONE had a AI tool??? Nancy was going to teach me about AI but no one had a tool. Poor Robyn went home & got hers & brought it back but I still never learned AI.


  1. Ok, Suzi...I double checked to make sure I was on YOUR page when you said you got up for a little jog.....also, had I known there had been a snake spotted, I wouldnt have gone outside at all!!!

  2. OMG Suzi- I was shell shocked reading your first paragraph- thinking - "WOW, I didn't think Suzi was a jogger". You got me. I love your snake photo. And I would have gone out just to get a photo of it too!