Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 275

We WON!!!! We won our first 2 games yesterday pretty easily (Becca only got to play in one game :( ) but the 3rd game against the Pekin Warriors was a KILLER. First game, we lost 23-25. Second game we scratched our way to a 25-22 victory. The way the tourney was set up, if you split the series, points counted to see who won. We won by one point!!!

First game today was against Twin Cities (Festus/Crystal City, MO) and I believe this is their first year to field a VB team. They are a decent team but we had more experience. Becca should have been able to play in this game but, for whatever reason, the coach didn't put her in.

Pekin came in 2nd in our pool & played the other #1 team and beat them! So, a rematch of last nights squeaker for the championship. We won the first game but lost the 2nd. That forced a game three. We assumed that it was to 15 as is the norm. We got to 14-13 and we tipped the ball over the net & they missed; yea, we win 15-13. Well, depth perception (& hope) makes you see things different. When we tipped, it went down on OUR side & the score was 14-14. A few minutes later, it was 17-15, we won! Uh, no. Since it was the championship, the game apparently it goes to 25. We finally won it, 25-20!!! Happiness ensues!

Dinner at Outback (celebration of the win & my b'day!) rounded out a perfect day!! We have 3 more games and then the state championship!!! Can't wait!!!

Here's the whole team & the "cheer boys" who came along to cheer the girls on to victory! (Notice, Nick's not there. He only came to the 2 games he was FORCED to. But, he wants to go to State 'cause he thinks he'll get to sit in the hotel all day playing video games. Won't be happening!!!)

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